Azalaï Desert Lodge: luxury in the desert

Per: Julien ANTINOFF  

ACCOMMODATION This guest house, located in a palm grove of Zagora, is an ode to escape and relax. You can choose between accommodation in a single room, decorated by an artist, or in the heart of the Chegaga dunes. Discover this charming place.

Built on a plot of seven thousand square meters, Azalaï Desert Lodge has a beautiful garden with palm trees, a space to enjoy the calm. Decorated by the artist Régis Delene Bartholdi, an admirer of Eastern and Western influences, the place invites you to travel through remarkable colours. The facility focuses on culture and has three libraries, there is no television to distract you from the enchanting landscape and to relax there is a spa that offers various treatments, from massages to the traditional Moroccan Hammam. Dining options include traditional cuisine and local dishes cooked in a family kitchen, far from the usual tourist restaurants. 

Camp, lodge or suite

For accommodation, Azalaï Desert Lodge consists of rooms, suites or tents on a camp site in the desert. If you choose to sleep in a room, you enter a unique world of colour, the work of artists who have created the perfect place for your dreams. From Saint Exupery, Matisse, Isabelle Eberhard and Théodore Monod, each room respects the style and work of these famous characters. If you opt for a desert tent, you will be pleasantly surprised at the twenty square meter tent, four poster beds and bathroom that await you. The most magical moment is the long hours spent sitting in a comfortable club chair on a sand dune, a dream becomes a reality thanks to Desert Lodge. 

Text Julien Antinoff

Translation Karen Athwa

Photo Azalaï Desert Lodge