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Ouarzazate & Hollywood : un jumelage inattendu !

CINEMA Is this a joke or reality? Less convinced are still skeptical and believe in a prank on the part of some internet sources. The news arrived on the Internet since the early days of the month Ramadan 2005 sacred. But the voice of truth has come to the famous Moroccan "the opinion" daily newspaper. Ouarzazate will indeed be combined and sponsored by her big sister Hollywood.

A real boon and future financial and tourist boom to the city and its region. Ouarzazate is already known in a number of European and other countries for the quality of its natural motion picture settings of any beauty.

It is the Governor of the city Amed Merghich, which has implemented this request with the support of the great American Director Branko Lusting. It is the Oscar producer of the film to great success: "Schindler list", or in 2001 for his epic fantasy: "gladiator". A real sponsor of choice to support the request of matching the city of Ouarzazate asked his American "Hollywood" counterpart. Numerous meetings and conferences between the two cities at once totally opposite but so close with this common passion for the seventh art.

This twinning is a first of its kind between American cities more known in the world to house studios of avant-garde and futuristic film and a concentration of stars and actors, the largest in the world. This film know-how may undoubtedly benefit the small Ouarzazate. What justifies this agreement, it is the fact that the has Moroccan town of non-négligeables assets that may be want to many filmmakers, national and international.

The city has invested much time and money to the implementation of this colossal construction. Its main assets are: natural brightness blessed, for many natural landscapes of great beauty, with extras of various ethnic origin offering a panel of the most eclectic, a good ratio quality/price in the cost of production and assistance of local authorities to attract producers still retissant. It is the will of the Moroccan State and the King his Majesty Mohammed VI film production and cinema in General become growth economic sectors to the Morocco.

What is pass to become a reality for over five years (period 2000-2005) an amount of more than 1.5 billion dirhams. Thanks to these large productions, large sums of money are injected into the local economy that benefits 30% of the total invoice paid by production to shoot film to success in Ouarzazate.

Money benefits all society pents both tourism trade and many others. Many local critics such as Casablanca, he criticized lack of professionalism of its teams, mismanagement in the Organization of filming and the lack of reference event.

The door of the desert mocks well all these reviews and continues to grow its international reputation by investing in of new modern cinema studios and other infected areas. A bright future is offered to it!