Ouarzazate, ville aux mille Kasbahs

Per: Amal MAARIFA  

ARCHITECTURE The word "Kasbah" which can mean in Arabic "ksser", French "palace". Formerly designated the kasbah local ruler's palace or citadel. Today is meant by the word, the old neighborhood or downtown, and is a word used only in the countries of North Africa.

The Kasbahs concentrate mainly in southern Morocco specifically in the city of Ouarzazate and its region, the reason for which it is named "the city of the thousand Kasbahs". The latter is known by its large and beautiful Kasbahs with their original architectural construction, dating back to distant years.

These Kasbahs include:
Has Ben Heddou
40 Minutes from Ouarzazate, is divided into two parts separated by a small river called "Oued El Maleh". It has several doors to enter, one allows free access. It represents since the 1960s the theatre of the shooting of several films including, The Gladiator, Jesus of Nazareth...

The Kasbah is based since the 17th century, it served as the Palace for the Pasha of Marrakech city, Thami Lglaoui, it is of square around a central patio, and with four levels. Henri Terrasse spent a good part of his book "Berber Kasbahs, the Atlas and the Ouasis" to talk about its architectural style and its historic value.

Storks Kasbah:
It is one of the private properties for "lglaoui" family, is today only ruins, most of the kasbah has collapsed from inside as outside. It consists of three levels, the highest is rich in decoration.

It is built on the right bank of the oued Lhajaj, one of the oldest and most famous Kasbah of southern Morocco. It is built from an old hamlet now completely disappeared.

Kasba Telouet:
Its name means: meeting and meeting place. Its occupant is Thami Lglaoui, the reason why the times it is called the Palace of the Glaoui. A Kasbah built between the 19th century and the 20th century. Located in the small village of Talouet, and it occupies a strategic place in the high atlas.

Tamdaght Kasbah
It is the property of Mr. Abdellah El Glaoui. All parts of the Kasbah currently in ruins except for the part called Tadwarine. It has nine towers and it was built in brick juxtaposed and rammed earth, there is currently only five but in poor condition.

Kasba Tamnougalt:
Lies between Ouarzazat and Zagoura. The Kasbah was the place of residence of the caid of the village and a place of meetings of the representatives of the sultaniènnes authorities. The residences are presented under the appearance of a "kser". Currently it is all ruined and damaged, the filmmakers would film their films.

The kser is located near the town of Zagoura. It is built on a hill. Its strongholds are retained, however its strongholds have virtually disappeared. It has two main doors.

It is a kasbah located 25 km from Zagoura, built in a desert land, and consists of about 200 houses almost all inhabited. It is the seat of the religious order Naciriya one of the largest directed of the Morocco, founded in 982 a.h..

Many Kasbahs and the Earth is only: Ouarzazate.
So it has a large number of kasbahs, the impression that there has been one of the stories of thousand and one nights with his style charm and magic. We must therefore think actually retains this heritage, to protect and to improve it.