Sidi Daoud personnalité Ouarzazi par excellence

Per: Amal MAARIFA  

MARABOU The saint Sidi Daoud Saleh Bin Mohammed known as Sidi Daoud, is a Sufi sheikh in his time he was considered the spiritual Alem in science and divine.

The single person which everyone was referring to find solutions to personal concerns and those affecting religion.

It is from a family of wealthy and noble, known by its commitment to religion and traditions. Where it has absorbed a certain way of life that have made him a personality like no other and attitudes. Cheikh Sidi Hussein al-Chouchary is one of the professors and Âlem who forged his personality and marked his life.

Mohamed Al-Mokhtar Al-Hayglass (1900-1963, scholar, politician, Moroccan writer and expert on the history of the region) has said in his "Al-maâsoul" encyclopedia in its connection:
"Daoud bin Mohammed, Ben Abdelhak ataymali, a large fakih and unique alem of his time, he was"radiya allaho anhu"a worker alem and a great teacher."

Sidi Daoud bin Mohammed died in 1023 a.h., leaving a large number of books including: "Omahat Al wataek: Al montafaâ Fi Nawazil Bih".

To recognize and celebrate the memory of the death of this great personality, a mausoleum was built in downtown Ouarzazate and a moussem organized in August of each year in the region of Telouet.